Verdant Plant Health Care provides its clients with progressive, environmentally responsible solutions to plant health issues, while striving to be a leader in the regional green industry. We provide field services to residential, commercial, and institutional clients in Delaware and southeastern Pennsylvania, and consulting services nationwide.

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Plant Health / Tick Control / Weed Management
Training & Consulting / Pond Management

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I’ve been fascinated by trees for as long as I can remember. As a child, I would lie under the huge oaks at our family’s cabin in the Pennsylvania mountains, staring up at the canopy for hours. I was hypnotized by the swaying leaves and branches. It seemed as if nothing could hurt those giants; I was sure they’d stand forever.

Shortly after I started studying horticulture, I learned that my childhood assumptions were wrong: there were lots of things that hurt trees, living and non-living. My path quickly changed from landscape design to focus on entomology, plant pathology, and overall tree health. More than a decade working at the world-renowned Longwood Gardens exposed me to just about every pest and plant health issue possible, and taught me the importance of ecological sustainability

Verdant Plant Health Care is the culmination of my love for the natural world and my strong belief in responsible environmental stewardship. I gain immense satisfaction in solving plant health issues, and I’m excited to work with each and every client to ensure their properties flourish.

Mike Leventry

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