Verdant Plant Health Care was founded in 2015 to provide property owners and managers with technical expertise on the natural and human-caused issues that can affect a landscape.

Our goal is to educate our clients about the factors impacting the health of their trees and shrubs. When needed, we specialize in provide solutions that maximize the beauty, functionality, and safety of the landscape while always considering the impact on non-target insects, microbes, and wildlife.

We have quickly become a well-respected voice in the regional green industry, and are regularly consulted by the best landscaping, lawn, and tree companies in the area. Verdant services properties of all sizes, from large estates and commercial sites to small urban gardens.

Education and training is a cornerstone of our company, allowing us to stay current in our ability to identify new insect and disease threats and progressive in our techniques to solve them. Our staff are Certified Arborists, licensed commercial applicators, and certified commercial nutrient handlers. Verdant is a member of:

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