Insect/disease monitoring and diagnosis:

Verdant performs targeted monitoring based on the plant material in the landscape. The timing of scouting visits is driven by temperature-based pest emergence data rather than simply the calendar. This allows us to catch pest issues as they begin, instead of when they have already become problematic infestations

Pest management treatments:

When a pest issue warrants it, Verdant uses the most progressive technology to apply treatments. We employ a “least toxic, yet effective” approach, meaning we choose products and techniques that minimize impacts on non-target organisms such as pollinators.

Emerald ash borer (EAB) treatments:

EAB has recently invaded our area. Unfortunately, untreated ashes will die within five years and need to be removed. Verdant can preserve ash trees using the most progressive and effective technologies available.

Tree and shrub fertilization:

For trees and shrubs under stress, we use a blend of organic biostimulants and micronutrients injected directly into the critical root zone. Verdant’s products are specially formulated for woody plants, and promote healthy soil ecosystems.

Root issue mitigation:

Verdant uses a compressed air tool called an air spade to alleviate tree root zone problems with minimal damage to the root tissue. Services include root collar excavations to discover girdling roots, “volcano” mulch mound repair, root zone organic matter incorporation to ease soil compaction, and root barrier installation.

Anti-desiccant application:

When winter’s cold winds blow, evergreen trees and shrubs can develop winter burn. This occurs when the plant is dried out by the wind, and cannot replace this vital moisture because the water in ground is frozen. Evergreens planted as privacy or windscreens are particularly susceptible. The risk of winter burn can be reduced with a series of anti-desiccant treatments, which form a protective film on the foliage and lessen moisture loss.

Deer damage management:

Verdant utilizes physical barriers and repellant products to lessen the impact from browsing deer on landscapes.

Tree protection during construction:

Verdant can establish protection programs for trees that are to be preserved during construction projects.